Prestige Meridian Park Price

Unit Type Size Price
3 BR + 2T 1387 Sq Ft Onrequest
3 BR + 3T 1665 Sq Ft Onrequest
3 BR + 3T 1865 Sq Ft Onrequest

The price of a property is an essential factor for any property. Reasonable pricing undoubtedly attracts a potential buyer and is an important deciding factor before any property purchase. A builder arrives at special pricing after careful market research, ensuring the company's profits. In today's real estate segment, the realtors offer very competitive pricing. Today's commercial and residential properties have the choicest location, architecture, facilities, and features and are also very aptly priced.

The cost sheet is an essential instrument for the investors, shared with the public. It has two main components - the break-up of a residence cost and the payment schedule.

The all-inclusive residence cost consists of four critical parts - agreement value, other charges, stamp duty, registration, and taxes. The payment schedule depicts the various time zones of the development schedule and the amount that one needs to pay at each milestone.

Current Real Estate Trend in Bangalore

Bangalore has continued to be the real estate hub for decades now. Being an important IT destination of the country and cosmopolitan culture attracts people from all over the country. Real estate, both commercial and residential sectors, thrives in Bangalore, one of India's top trending investment zones. The unfortunate pandemic did cause a dent in this industry, but it is picking up with the rising demand. The real estate market in Bangalore has immense potential.

One has to factor in the long-term investment prospects of a particular location while buying a property. Bangalore gives opportunities for home seekers to buy their dream homes due to its rapid growth. Even amid the pandemic, many people prefer buying bigger and luxury homes. The IT and BT crowd are interested in investing in luxury residences in the suburbs.

Sarjapur Road - A Lucrative Investment Destination

Sarjapur Road is a developed vicinity in east Bangalore with a good road network to key IT cluster areas like Marathahalli, Whitefield and Electronic City. The rising trend in real estate in Sarjapur Road makes it the second most favoured selling hub in the metropolis.

The property prices are appreciating in Sarjapur Road. Residential property prices in Sarjapur Road have risen over the years. There is a growing demand for residential properties in Sarjapur Road because of the connectivity benefits to its residents, with excellent access to all the important destinations of the city, especially the employment zones. Sarjapur Road hosts some major global IT companies, MNCs and top domestic businesses.

People favour locations with established infrastructure or are rapidly developing for investment purposes. Also, easy connectivity to the crucial destinations makes Sarjapur Road residences ideal for significant investments.

Prestige Group Property Pricing

The ace developer, Prestige Group, is no exception here. From very modish homes to signature architecture, features, leisure and wellness amenities, and popular locations, Prestige properties are reasonably priced, which quickly attracts the home buyer. It also works out easy payment options for the prospects. Even in the pandemic times, Prestige ensured its property prices were competitive despite declining demand.

There are numerous payment options available to the investors as the builders offer. Construction-linked plan, Down payment plan, Pay some amount and nothing till possession are some favourite options of the home buyers. The builder takes the property price, projects with the banks and thereby offers to the investors. Based on customers' requirements and eligibility, banks provide these options. With attractive and competitive pricing, the project sells out fast.

Prestige Meridian Park - Brilliant Apartments

Prestige Meridian Park is a new launch high rise premium apartments from the ace developer, Prestige Group. The residences are a part of the mega township - The Prestige City. This township lodges in the up-and-coming location Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore. The 180 + acre Prestige City is a housing mix comprising apartments, villas and plots.

Prestige Meridian Park hosts elegant 2900 apartments in 3 bedroom units in 18.2 acres expanse - homes with various sizes, configurations and layouts. Each residence has ample space and ventilation topped with exquisite architecture, fixtures and fittings. Numerous curated Prestige amenities, facilities, features, security systems, massive landscape are an attraction in this project. Set in a sought-after developed vicinity, with envious homes, complete leisure, entertainment, wellness options are available for all age groups. The benefits of community living in a mega township ensure each dweller, their families and guests thrive here in self-sustained property and location. To top it, these are available at a very reasonable price.

After thorough market research of the pricing trends in Sarjapur Road, Prestige Group has arrived at the apt pricing of its various sub-projects in The Prestige City township. The projects are well segregated and sells in a phased manner. Prestige City has it all within its premises, from new launches to sold-out projects of apartments, villas, and plots. Decades of experience and expertise of Prestige Group, its credibility, backed by a team of professionals and being data-driven, are an edge to deliver just the best.

Prestige Meridian Park is the newly launched high rise apartment project of The Prestige City. With two of its other sub-projects sold out quickly, the astute investors are now gravitating towards Prestige Meridian Park. As the developer's other projects with all its giveaways, Prestige Meridian Park also has it all for family dwelling.

Prices of the Prestige Meridian Park apartments are out and available for the public. These homes have a very reasonable price. The three-bedroom set apartments come in four types, where each has different sizes, configurations and layouts. The Sale Areas range from 1387 sq. ft. to 1865 sq. ft. The starting price of the homes is INR 89.99 lakhs onwards.

Depending on the investor's requirements, affordability and family size, one can plan and buy accordingly. Prestige Meridian Park is an ideal property for all, whether for personal use, rent out, or just investment purposes. With the up-and-coming location, Sarjapur Road noted builder Prestige property, magnificent homes with innumerable giveaways, the prices of this property would rise. Prestige Meridian Park's price is extremely reasonable considering all the positives about this property, and invariably it is a very lucrative investment option today.

So if you haven't yet invested in any Prestige City property, grab this opportunity to invest in Prestige Meridian Park apartments before it sells out!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of an apartment in Prestige Meridian Park?

Prestige Meridian Park is a pre-launch property hence the rates are not yet finalized and revealed. These are generally based on the current market trends of the locality.

2. What is the price of 3 BHK in Prestige Meridian Park?

The project is a prelaunch property. Thus the rates of 3 BHK units of Prestige Meridian Park are not yet published. These rates depend on the current market value of the area, the builder’s quality and amenities in the premises.

3. What would be the expected launch price of Prestige Meridian Park apartments?

The launch prices are anticipated to be high compared to the prelaunch prices of Prestige Meridian Park.

4. Which banks have approved Prestige Meridian Park and are providing loans?

It is not known. Every Axis Bank, HDFC, ICICI, IDBI, Punjab National Bank, and SBI provide loans for and Prestige Group projects.

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