Prestige Meridian Park Master Plan

Master Plan

A master plan of a property gives an instant overview of the project. It is a pictorial map of the property that offers an idea about the project - the design, pattern, size, location of each aspect of the property within its complex premises. It is an essential tool in the real estate industry. A potential investor uses it to understand the project and its various giveaways.

Prestige Group, the real estate giant, designs a very detailed master plan for all its projects. A typical Prestige residential project master plan portrays the homes, the clubhouse, entry and exit, open spaces, greenery, water bodies, various recreational and leisure amenities, services and facilities. Every master plan of Prestige projects ensures that the discerning investor gets clarity about its tasks.

A Prestige residential project master plan includes the location project and the important landmarks around the vicinity. If it is a mega project or an integrated township, there is a master plan of the different sub-projects. Prestige Group master plans are also very transparent, where the builder gives every detail very meticulously. All in all, a Prestige project investor can get excellent insight on the project with its master plan without any missing information.

Prestige Group presents another brilliant residential project, Prestige Meridian Park. This splendour is a cluster of high rise premium apartments and is a part of the mega and much-awaited township - The Prestige City. The much sought-after location, Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore, houses this integrated township. Prestige City is an integrated intelligent residential township and will be an ambitious project.

Prestige Meridian will have the choicest homes with 3 BHK marvellous bedroom sets. These will come in various sizes, configurations and layouts to suit the potential home buyer. These abodes have stunning architecture, fixtures and fittings with spacious, well ventilated with ample flow of natural light. Exhaustive Prestige amenities, facilities, features, security systems, lush greenery, water bodies are well planned here. Prestige Meridian has every prerequisite for every resident's leisure, wellness, and entertainment.

Prestige Meridian Park master plan gives us a perfect overview of the project. Along with the master plan, one can also find the Prestige City master plan to understand the project in its entirety. The prospective buyer can take a well-informed decision after studying the master plans of the project and the township.

The Prestige City Master Plan

The Prestige City is one of the most ambitious intelligent residential township projects from the numero-uno realtor, Prestige Group. Based in the most sought after location, Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore, it is garnering interest from prospective investors even during the tumultuous pandemic times. The Prestige City master plan clearly shows the following:-

  • The location of the township
  • The important landmarks in the vicinity of the project
  • The various residential projects inside the township
  • The landscaping, greenery and water bodies inside the premises

Prestige Meridian Park Master Plan

Prestige Meridian Park is one of the promising premium high rise apartment projects in The Prestige City township. The towers house various homes with varied layout configurations and bedroom sets, with unique architecture, luxe fittings and fixtures, security systems and curated leisure and wellness amenities, features and services. Prestige Meridian Park master plan says it all. The project, with its giveaways, are well outlined in the master plan.

Apartments and the Towers: There are multiple towers and apartments hosted. These towers come in 3 clusters, viz., Broadleaves, Cedarwoods, Sunnyvale. Broadleaves and Cedarwoods each have five buildings, and Sunnyvale has six towers. While Broadleaves and Cedarwoods are adjacents, separated by Meridian Park Club, Sunnyvale is on the opposite side of Cedarwoods.

Meridian Park Club: Prestige Meridian Park clubhouse, Meridian Park Club, is located in the middle of the property's premises for the convenience of the residents. The club hosts a lot of leisure and wellness activities.

Entry and Exit: There are 2 Entry and Exit gates. One is on the Sarjapur Road (West Gate), and the other is close to Ittanagur Road (East Gate).

Tower Drop Off: There is a various drop off points at a convenient distance from the towers for the comforts of the dwellers and their guests.

Club House Drop Off: Clubhouse drop off is located close to Meridian Park Club.

Pool with Deck: A swimming pool with a deck for all age groups is available close to the clubhouse.

Pavilion: A pavilion for recreation is available close to Broadleaves and Meridian Park Club.

Kids Play Area: Kids' play area has many leisure and recreation amenities close to the Cedarwoods cluster.

Mixed Aged Kids Playground: For children of all ages, there is a mixed aged kids playground for outdoor games and their wellness close to Sunnyvale.

Exercise Station: There is an Exercise Station with various workout options, close to Sunnyvale, for fitness enthusiasts.

Jogging Path: There is a Jogging Path for the joggers opposite Broadleaves apartments.

Outdoor Gym: Close to Broadleaves towers, there is an outdoor gymnasium for those who love to sweat it out in the outdoors amidst nature.

Amphitheatre: An amphitheatre or open theatre close to Meridian Park Club for the interested residents.

Foot Reflexology: Close to Cedarwoods towers, there is a Foot Reflexology area for therapies to take care of the wellness of the residents.

Tennis Court: There is a Tennis Court close to Sunnyvale towers for the lawn tennis players.

Cricket Practice Pitch: Opposite Broadleaves high rise apartments, there is a cricket practice pitch for the cricket lovers who enjoy playing and watching the game.

Multisports Court: Close to the cricket practice pitch, there is a multisports court for various other sports lovers so that every resident can be a part of the sports they enjoy.

Function Lawn: At the corner of Sunnyvale Tower 6, hosts a function lawn to organise and enjoy all their functions and celebrations with ease and style.

Party Zone: There is also a party zone close to Broadleaves Towers and Meridian Park Club for the residents to organise and celebrate various occasions and entertain their guests.

Futsal Court: A futsal court between Sunnyvale and Cedarwoods towers is nested for mini-football players and lovers.

Pets Corner: Pets corner near the east end of the periphery close to the T-1 tower of Sunnyvale is set for the residents' pets to enjoy their time.

Swimming Pool / Kids Pool: There is a swimming pool/kids pool close to Meridian Park Club to enjoy a good swim for all age group residents.

Seniors' Corner: Seniors' corner for the senior citizens and elderlies is nested in the extreme corner of the periphery close to Sunnyvale tower T-6 to give exclusivity and serenity to this age group.

Urban Farming: There is a provision for urban farming at another corner of the boundary near Sunnyvale tower T-6 for the interested residents who love to farm.

Entry Ramp: There is a separate entry ramp for the convenience of the residents.

Exit Ramp: There is an exit ramp to facilitate the dwellers.

Services: There are three different service points well placed inside the precinct to help the residents with any assistance required.

With all the aspects well spelt out in the Prestige Meridian Park master plan, a discerning investor can figure out that living in this premium project will elevate one's lifestyle notches up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Master Plan?

A Master plan is a huge 3D image that gives us a clear idea of the placements of the facilities, residential units and other amenities in the premises. This clearly shows us the tower placements, the space allocated for open space, greenery, clubhouse and other units presents in the periphery. This gives an outline structure of the whole project in depth. We could expect the depiction of the completed project in this master plan.

2. What are the different types and sizes of apartment units in Prestige Meridian Park?

The Proposed Prestige Meridian Park is planned to have 3 BHK Apartment. The size of each unit is 1387 - 1865 Sq Ft.

3. What kind of homes are available in Prestige Meridian Park? Just apartments or more?

Prestige Meridian Park is a cluster of The Prestige City. In Prestige Meridian Park there are only 2680 apartment units designed. However, The Prestige City consists of various clusters like Apartments, Villas, Plots and a commercial complex.

4. Who are the Architects/Master Planners of Prestige Meridian Park?

The exact information is not yet released. However, the architects of this project are the leading architects in the country. We will be updating the information once the respective approval has been received.

5. How Many Apartments Does these Prestige Meridian Park have?

Prestige Meridian Park will have 2900 apartments.

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