The Prestige City Township

This is an exquisite township property located off Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore. The Prestige City is developed on 180 acres land parcel with different housing patterns such as villas, plots, apartments, and commercial units. The Prestige City is divided into many clusters like apartments, villas, plots. There are 7000+ apartment units in the property with 140+ villas and 808 residential plots. The apartment segment of the Prestige City is divided into many clusters namely Prestige Meridian Park and Prestige Aston Park and so on.

The Prestige City Township

The Prestige Meridian Park is a premium apartment with 3 and 3.5 BHK homes. The apartment clusters of the Prestige City is designed on 100 acres land parcel. There are about 900+ units coming up in this cluster with sizes ranging from 1387sqft to 1865sqft. This cluster of Prestige City looks stunning with 5 majestic towers. The Prestige Aston Park is yet another cluster of the Prestige City apartment where there are 1000+ units with 1,2,3 and 4 BHK homes.

The designs of this Prestige City are well done by leading experts in the country to offer us great contemporary architecture. Thus all the numerous units of this Prestige City receive ample amount of fresh air and natural light. The spacing of this property is also quite effective with zero wastage of space. Yes!! There is absolutely no wastage of space in the Prestige City township. As this is a township property there is more residential, commercial, and retail space. Thus there are more demanding and trending in the city for multiple beneficial aspects. Townships are pretty rich in numerous facilities like multiple housing patterns, copious units, great infrastructure, and prosperous amenities with fine quality.

The locality of this property is another special benefit since the region has a pretty good framework and connectedness. There are large IT corridors, other large industries, great infrastructure, and connecting facilities in this region. The Prestige City looks stunning with different attractive views like 140+ villas on one end, high rise buildings and, residential plots. The villas in this property are super posh and gorgeous with a G+1 built-up structure.

Prestige Meridian Park

This Prestige City township is super futuristic with contemporary designs, the highest quality, great infrastructure and plenty of amenities. There are over 50+ world-class amenities in this property. With all this goodness and benefits the Prestige City is acclaimed to have high resale value.

The amenities in this Prestige City are quite prosperous with world-class standards and innovative concepts. These facilities are much required for us to have a break from urban chaos such as

Jogging Track

There is a long stretch track for jogging, and walking to keep us stay fit

Tennis Court

We have tennis courts designed in this Prestige City for a great sport time.

Open-air theatre

There is a large open-air theatre which gives us a great outdoor movie experience

There are about 50+ amenities in this Prestige City property which has a great pricing value. The property has a higher edge on the resale value.

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