Safe Property to Invest in Sarjapur Road

Buying property is always a safer option for us to safeguard our future. There could be many types of investment however these are the safest and most effective ways of investment we could do. As properties are easy to sell, maintain and yield us ample returns.

Safe Property to Invest in Sarjapur Road

Bangalore city is more favourable in terms of real estate as the builders of this city has created many redefined projects in this beautiful city. Yes !! the builders in this city have actually given a new and fresh defined look for the recent projects.

For decades the luxury term was misinterpreted in the real estate industry. However these days luxury properties are most sought for their great comfort and convenience. Amid our urban chaos, these rich facilities and amenities would give us great relief and energy.

Before buying any property we should be following the trends of the market. As far as Bangalore city is concerned the townships are quite trending for their multiple positive aspects. The townships are housing properties that have different versions of housing variants present in them such as residential plots, apartments and villas and commercial and retail spaces. These are most preferred for the huge variety of housing patterns, copious units, large and perfect landscapes, other open and green spaces and prosperous amenities.

All these numerous factors put together in a township property aids in the best rental and resale values. Since there is a huge demand for these township properties.

Let’s go ahead and discuss the top-notch township property in the city.

The Prestige City

Prestige Meridian Park

This is a 180 acres large township with various housing patterns such as plots, apartments, and villas. This Prestige City is a large land extent project which is under construction. In this township, there are about 7000+ apartment units, 140+ villa bungalows, and 808 plots present in the property. The plots of this Prestige City range between 1200sqft to 2400sqft.

The apartment of the Prestige City is designed on vast 100 acres of the 180 acres township which offers 1,2,3 BHK units which are of different sizes such as 1280sqft, 1510sqft. The villas of this township are super gorgeous with a G+1 built-up structure. There are about 140+ villas in this property with an exclusive private garden. On this exquisite property, we could relish many attractive aspects. The views are one among those which are breathtaking and broader.

The Prestige City township has many apartment clusters namely the Prestige Meridian Park and Prestige Aston Park. The Prestige Meridian Park is a premium apartment cluster with 3 and 3.5 BHK homes. The size of this Prestige Meridian Park ranges from 1387sqft to 1865sqft with a total of 930 units.

The Prestige Aston Park has about 1000 units with different configurations such as 1,2 and 3 BHK homes. The framework and amenities of this Prestige City are quite amazing with the best features. There are about 50+ amenities in this Prestige City property which are set with world-class standards.

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