How are the client or general ratings of Prestige Meridian Park?

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How are the client or general ratings of Prestige Meridian Park?

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The client and general ratings are pretty helpful in the real estate industry as there is a lot of money involved in this buying. The client rating of Prestige Meridian Park is dominant for its outstanding features and benefits.

The project is in the Prestige City township, the largest township ever in the city. The total land parcel of the township is 180 acres with multiple housing patterns such as 7000 apartment units, 149 villa homes and 808 plots. To your surprise, many segments are complete, and this is the fastest-selling property in East Bangalore.

The Prestige Meridian Park is an upcoming property in the township with 2680 exquisite 3 BHK homes. The renowned builder Prestige Group has strategically designed this project off Sarjapur Road. There are 16 towers and three blocks with sizes 1387sqft to 1865sqft.

The designs of this eminent project are phenomenal, with contemporary designs by leading property architects. Thus, all the property units receive ample fresh air and natural light. The spacing of the Prestige Meridian Park is also well controlled by the leading property developer Prestige Group to offer us a great living space with zero wastage space. We get to relish 50+ amenities in this fabulous property as this is a township one.

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