Best Luxury Property in Bangalore

What is a luxury project or luxury property?

It is an appealing property type that will comfort and give us all convenience with the tailor-made luxury elements. Earlier, if we want our kids to join any swimming or other sports classes, we will have to drop them elsewhere. However these days all these infrastructures are present right away on our premises. So there is a factor of comfort, safety and convenience involved due to its luxury elements.

What are the types of luxury projects available in the real estate industry?

We can avail of any property in this luxury bracket as it's just a matter of space and infusion of posh elements. We can opt for luxury villas, apartments or plots based on our requirements.

Bangalore city is pretty vast, with unique ultra-luxury projects across the city. Now we shall explore the best ultra-luxury projects in Bangalore.

Bangalore city is a vast place to explore. Finding real estate projects among the whole lot is a tedious process. Bangalore city is known for redefined living with luxury infused in them. The best luxury apartments in Bangalore 2022 are great topics to discuss.

It's a pretty vast topic since many projects in the city are grandeur in all aspects. The reason is people in the town prefer more comfort and convenience. These ultra-luxury homes are pretty demanding these days.

People want all the facilities just on the premises. These are great ones to explore. We can lead the best lifestyle with attractive properties, and thus, the below ones are among the survey of top 10 apartments in the city. As these are great in living aspects, rental leads are also more for these segments.

Phoenix Kessaku

Best Luxury Property in Bangalore

Phoenix Kesakku is an upper-crust society that is exclusive to this category. It is an inevitable luxurious masterpiece in the city ever. The project has exciting concepts of five elements of the earth having five magnificent towers in the project. The Sora tower offers 30 premium apartments with great privacy of one flat per floor. The unit area starts from 6200sqft. Niva offers 29 premium flats on each floor with an area of 7500sqft. The floor plan of this castle is splendid and vast. The units comprise everything in detail, like a private lobby, dry kitchen, study room, guest room and family bedroom. We might get scattered in the home as there are many rooms, so reaching the home entrance is only challenging on a lighter note. There are 30+ innovative next-generation amenities in this Phoenix Kesakku.

It is an inevitable project if we discuss the luxury property. The whole project brews with brilliant luxury features with five great towers representing five elements of the Earth. It's a pretty posh and innovative apartment project with only one or two apartment units—the size range of Phoenix Kessaku range between 2678sqft to 7514sqft. There are 30 floors in this exquisite project. There are three majestic clubs on the premises with plenty of amenities like Minitheatre, Art Wall, Music Room, Kids Plunge Pool. The price of the property starts from 4.5crores and 9.4crores. The maintenance cost of Phoenix Kesakku is also pretty nominal for the excellent facilities and an incredible masterpiece.

Prestige Meridian Park

Prestige Meridian Park

It is an ultra-luxury apartment segment and the best one in 2022. This pre-launch project is the talk of the town for its exquisite luxury look and features. It is among the top ten luxury pre-launch apartments in Bangalore as the eminent Prestige Group developer has crafted every detailing of this project with luxury.

The Prestige Meridian Park is on 18.2 acres large land parcel with premium 3 BHK homes. There are 2900 units in this cluster with great architecture of 16 towers and G+30 blocks.

The property is within the Prestige City township, the largest one in the city ever. Prestige Meridian Park is a luxurious apartment segment that offers us a great living experience with its richness. The property is on 18.2 acres with massive 2900 units. All the units of this eminent property are copious 3 BHK homes with huge floors ranging between 1387sqft to 1865sqft. There are 16 towers in the Prestige Meridian Park with G+30 blocks. The possession of the project will commence from December 2025. It is the best option if you are looking for a profitable property as there are many edges like a great builder, Prestige Group. It is a renowned Group with decades of expertise in the real estate industry. Prestige Constructions always offer us innovative creations with high quality and resale value.

The Prestige Meridian Park also has many attractive edges. The property's design is super contemporary, done by leading architects in the country. Thus, all the project units are well lit and get ample fresh air. The apartment specifications are phenomenal, with the best materials in the market. There are 50+ amenities in this township. You can refer to the brochure for further details.

The project's location adds more value as Sarjapur is the hotbed in the city. It brings many people to live in this area for their comfort and needs. There are many companies and industries present in the vicinity.

It is a safe project to invest in in the pre-launch phase as the RERA numbers are available for the Prestige Meridian Park. There are various sizes present in the project, which range from 1387sqft to 1865sqft. The possession of the project will commence from December 2025 onwards. We can expect a good rental return as there is a surging demand for properties in the Sarjapur region. The pricing of this project is also pretty reasonable in the market. As with any other Prestige Group properties, we can also expect a good resale value on this project. As part of the township, we can relish all the 50+ facilities and amenities present in the Prestige City project.

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