Are any Prestige Group projects upcoming in East Bangalore?

Yes!! Because the projects are across the city. Knowing about projects are pretty required so that we can invest rightly. We should be looking for ground pointers to keep ourselves away from far-fetched schemes.

Are any Prestige Group projects upcoming in East Bangalore?

So the perception of real estate helps us in determining suitable projects. We should be finding the best builders in the city to fetch a simple task which offers us excellent quality, straightforward title projects and timely deliveries. We all know these are pretty predominant factors for us. The property needs to be away from any legal issues now and in the future. At the same time, the most required element of any product, especially in the real estate industry, is quality. As these projects are for generations, we need to be focusing on the finest quality to keep ourselves and the property safe. A decade ago, we knew the great challenge of the real estate industry was the delay in projects. Thus, a regulatory body, RERA, is present to streamline many of these predominant factors. Therefore all the developers make sure they abide by the regulations.

We should look for more excellent amenities as these days these have become trends. Yes!! The builders compete to offer refreshing amenities to their clients to sustain the market. If the above-said factors are rich, the property would have good resale value. Indeed this is the primary reason for anyone's investment. Thus, we should ensure that all these factors are present in the property we buy.

Prestige Meridian Park

The project is a cluster of the biggest township Prestige City in East Bangalore. Prestige Meridian Park is a remarkable property in the township with 18.2 acres of land parcel. The total land parcel of the township is 180 acres. And for just this Prestige Meridian Park, 18.2 acres are allocated.

We get 2900 units in this project with 16 towers and have a built-up structure of G+30 block. The spacious units of this Prestige Meridian Park range from 1387sqft to 1865sqft.

The project is fascinating with ample space with a 13.3*16sqft dining area and a living area with 11*10.2sqft. An extensive balcony is present in the living room, 4ft wide. There are three massive bedrooms with 11*13sqft, 11*11sqft respectively. A broad kitchen with 9*7.6sqft and a utility space of 4*7.6sqft. An attached toilet of space 5.2*9.2sqft in the main bedroom and a standard bathroom of 5.2*8.2sqft.

The designs of the Prestige Meridian Park is stunning, with contemporary designs by the leading architects in the country. All the project units are well lit and get ample fresh air. The property's space is well controlled by the top property developer Prestige Group to offer us a vast living space with no wastage. Yes, there is no space wasted on the property. So we will not pay anything extra towards the Prestige Meridian Park.

The project is rich with 50+ amenities as this is a part of the largest Prestige City township off Sarjapur Road. The locality is equally rich in terms of infrastructure and connectedness.

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